Beverages and Snacks

All prices are per person, six person minimum.


Spring Water $1.95

Sparkling Water $2.25

Assorted Canned Soda $1.75

Snapple Iced Teas & Juices $2.95

Hood Milk $2.95

Assorted Tropicana Juice Bottles $2.75

Coffee & Tea Service $2.75

6 person minimum order


Chips, Popcorn or Pretzels (Bags) $1.99

Granola Bars $1.95 – $3.75

Fig Newtons & Sealed Cookies $2.75

Snack Basket $3.75 (assortment of items above, 1.5 per person)

Whole Fresh Fruit $1.75

Individual Yogurt $2.99

Greek Yogurt $4.25

Catering Menu


Our facilities are NOT allergen free. We cannot guarantee that any product prepared or packaged on site is nut or allergen-free or that they have not come into contact with potential allergens.