Why Diet Specific Corporate Catering is Important

Boston Corporate Catering - Diet Specific Catering

When offering corporate catering, it is intrinsically important to provide various options for your clients. You may have vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free guests. Meeting all of these needs will help them feel like there is something for them that is planned. Not simply a myriad of side dishes. When it comes to corporate catering in Boston, Metro Catering is more than happy to accommodate the diverse dietary needs of our customers.

Vegetarians: typically abstain from meat and meat by-products. While still also enjoying dairy and eggs. We are happy to offer options for anyone who is vegetarian, already found on our standard menu.

Vegans: enjoy primarily plant-based foods. Avoiding all meat and fish, as well as all animal products and by-products. We can customize our meals to meet this need.

Dairy-free: if you are simply looking to avoid dairy (such as an allergy), primarily those who avoid dairy can substitute dairy-free products, like almond milk and soy yogurt. The same is true for vegans.

Gluten-free: Those who avoid gluten usually consume foods free from the active sugar complex found in most bread, grains, and some oats. For these clients, it is important to offer gluten-free bread, rice, pasta, etc.

What We Can Offer You as Your Boston Corporate Catering Company

At Metro Catering in Boston, though we have a set menu, we love receiving special requests from our clients. It allows us to stretch our creativity, try new ideas, and improve our options. We learn more about what our clients want, what’s new for corporate catering in Boston, and what we can do to make your experience better.

Metro Catering is always happy to accommodate special requests and work with clients to create a personalized menu for any event. This includes creating vegetarian/vegan-friendly dishes and other dietary restrictions like gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, etc.

Give us a call at (617) 248-6886, and our team at Metro Catering will get you started for your next corporate catering event in Boston!

This article was written in Boston, Massachusetts