The Best Pizza Catering in Boston

The Best Pizza Catering in Boston - Metro Catering

Metro Catering offers the best Pizza Catering In The Boston area. We handcraft our North End-style Pizzas using our own fresh tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, and a three-cheese blend. Our pizzas are always event favorites, and we can bring them to your location piping hot, with everything you need to host a successful event.

Pizza is a popular dish that can be served at almost any event. With so many different types of pizzas, it is important to narrow down the options to make sure that your guests are happy.

Why Metro Catering is the Best Pizza Catering Company in Boston

At Metro Catering, we offer the finest catering services in the Boston area. We can cater for any event or meeting. But our handcrafted pizzas are always a crowd-pleaser. Our signature pizza catering menu has a lot of options to choose from that are sure to make everyone happy.

Here are a few of our signature pizza selections:
Cheese, Bruschetta, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Florentine, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Pepper & Onion, Mexican, Hawaiian, Potato Bacon, The Works, Veggie Twist, and of course we offer a Build Your Own Pizza option. View the full pizza catering menu here.

We offer an extensive catering menu to delight guests for your next football party, corporate event, school function, birthday party, or other events in Boston. Although we are well known for making some of the best pizza in Boston, our catering menu goes far beyond our handcrafted pizzas. View our full catering menu here.

4 Advantages of Pizza Catering for Corporate Events

1. Variety of Selection
Pizza comes in many different varieties with toppings and sauces galore. Because of this, you can quickly provide your guests with a range of options that they can choose from. They can get the same slices or try a few different ones to mix it up.

2. Easy and Convenient
One of the things that come to mind with pizza is that it is convenient. If people in your group are trying to talk to each other and mingle, you want them to be able to get around with their food if they desire! Because pizza is easy to eat, it’s easy to walk with as well.

3. Popular Food Option
Pizza is one of the most popular foods around. Americans consider pizza one of their favorite foods. With the different pizza options available, many people have a favorite type of pizza as well. Because we offer different types of gourmet pizza, you can choose to have the favorite kinds of pizza that everyone at your event enjoys the most.

4. Fast Clean Up
If you’re planning to have an activity after the meal, pizza is food that is fast to clear away and clean up.

Because of this, you’ll have more time to complete the things on your event’s schedule. And you won’t have to stress about the timetable as much.

If you are interested in having Metro Catering cater your next corporate event in Boston, please feel free to contact us with any questions at 617-248-6886 ext. 1.


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