Start The Day With Office Breakfast Catering

Start The Day With Office Breakfast Catering

Starting the day off with a positive mindset is crucial for productivity and creativity. However, it can be challenging to find the time to make breakfast before work in our busy schedules. Office Breakfast Catering provides delicious catering to your employees that will fill them up and start their day off right.

Health Benefits of a Good Office Breakfast on the Company’s Bottom Line

A recent study shows that not only are employees more productive when they have a good breakfast; it also saves the company money.

The study found that chronic breakfast-skippers miss out on an important opportunity to provide themselves with the nutrients needed to stay healthy. They are also more likely to engage in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and skipping exercise, which will adversely affect their health.

It’s estimated that companies could save up to $1,500 per employee for every day they skip breakfast. That is because of things like absenteeism, lower productivity rates, and higher healthcare costs due to obesity-related illnesses.

Good nutrition at work has been proven effective for decreasing turnover rates and increasing productivity among employees who are engaged in demanding jobs.

5 Things to Consider When Providing Office Breakfast Catering for Your Employees

  1. Consider the number of employees that will be served
  2. Choose a food that is right for your employees’ dietary requirements
  3. Seek out the most cost-effective option
  4. Provide options for people with special diets
  5. Give people who bring their own food a designated space to enjoy it

Breakfast Catering Boston

The Leader in Breakfast Catering in Boston

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This article was written in Boston, Massachusetts