Metro Catering’s Boston Catering Menu: From Breakfast to Dinner, We’ve Got You Covered

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Metro Catering offers a diverse Boston catering menu perfect for any business meeting. Discover delicious options and order online now!

Breakfast Selections

Classic Continental Breakfast

Metro Catering’s Classic Continental Breakfast offers a perfect start for your corporate meetings. This option includes a delightful assortment of freshly baked pastries, muffins, and croissants, accompanied by a variety of fruit preserves and butter. You’ll also enjoy a selection of seasonal fruits and a choice of chilled juices. It’s a simple yet elegant way to begin the day, setting the right tone for any business gathering.

Gourmet Hot Breakfast Options

For a heartier start to your day, our Gourmet Hot Breakfast Options are the way to go. We offer a range of hot dishes, from scrambled eggs and breakfast sausages to crispy bacon and home-style potatoes. Pair these with freshly made pancakes or French toast for a fulfilling and satisfying meal that will energize your team for the busy day ahead.

Healthy Breakfast Choices

We understand the importance of health and wellness in the workplace. That’s why our Healthy Breakfast Choices include options like Greek yogurt with granola, fresh fruit salads, and whole-grain toast. These choices are designed to provide a nutritious start, helping you stay focused and productive throughout the morning.

Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps

Our Breakfast Sandwiches & Wraps are perfect for those who prefer a more portable morning meal. Choose from a variety of options, including egg and cheese sandwiches, bacon and avocado wraps, and veggie-filled breakfast burritos. Each is crafted to be both convenient and delicious, ideal for busy professionals on the go.

Accompaniments & Sides

Enhance your breakfast experience with our wide range of Accompaniments & Sides. Whether it’s crispy hash browns, a selection of cheeses, or a variety of freshly baked bagels with cream cheese, our sides are designed to complement and elevate your breakfast spread, offering something for everyone.

Beverage Options

No breakfast is complete without the perfect beverage. Our Beverage Options include freshly brewed coffee, a selection of teas, and a variety of juices. We also offer specialty coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos upon request. These drinks are designed to complement our breakfast offerings and ensure that your team starts the day refreshed and ready to work.

Mid-Morning Snacks

Fresh Fruit Platters

Our Fresh Fruit Platters offer a vibrant and refreshing break for your team. Each platter includes a variety of seasonal fruits, carefully selected for ripeness and flavor. From juicy melons and berries to crisp apples and grapes, these platters are perfect for a health-conscious mid-morning snack that satisfies and rejuvenates.

Assorted Pastries & Muffins

For those with a sweet tooth, our Assorted Pastries & Muffins are the ideal choice. We provide a selection of freshly baked goods, including flaky croissants, rich chocolate croissants, and a variety of muffins such as blueberry, bran, and double chocolate. These treats are sure to please and provide a delightful pick-me-up.

Yogurt Parfaits & Smoothies

If you’re looking for something both delicious and nutritious, our Yogurt Parfaits & Smoothies fit the bill. Our parfaits feature layers of creamy yogurt, granola, and fresh fruits, while our smoothies are blended to perfection with ingredients like berries, bananas, and spinach. These options are great for those who need a quick and healthy boost.

Nut & Cheese Boards

Our Nut & Cheese Boards are an excellent choice for a savory snack option. Featuring a variety of nuts, cheeses, and crackers, these boards provide a sophisticated and satisfying break. They are perfect for informal networking or as a complement to a more extensive mid-morning spread.

Granola & Energy Bars

For those who need a quick and portable snack, our Granola & Energy Bars are the perfect solution. We offer a range of flavors and types, from nutty and chewy to fruity and crunchy. These bars provide a convenient energy boost to keep you focused and productive.

Coffee & Tea Service

No snack break is complete without our Coffee & Tea Service. We offer a selection of freshly brewed coffees and a variety of teas to cater to different tastes. Whether you prefer a strong espresso or a soothing herbal tea, our beverage service ensures that everyone has their favorite drink to accompany their mid-morning snack.

Lunch Entrées

Hot Lunch Buffets

Metro Catering’s Hot Lunch Buffets provide a warm and satisfying meal option for your business gatherings. Our buffets feature an array of dishes, including tender roasted meats, savory pastas, and flavorful vegetable sides. Each buffet is designed to offer a variety of choices, ensuring that all dietary preferences are met. This option not only feeds your team but also provides a comforting and communal dining experience.

Cold Sandwich Platters

For a lighter, yet equally satisfying option, our Cold Sandwich Platters are a hit. We offer a variety of sandwiches made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Options include classic turkey and Swiss, roast beef and cheddar, and vegetarian delights like hummus and roasted vegetables. Each platter comes with a selection of breads, spreads, and garnishes to create a custom sandwich experience for each guest.

Specialty Salads

Our Specialty Salads are perfect for those seeking a healthier lunch option without sacrificing flavor. Choose from options like a Mediterranean salad with feta and olives, a hearty Cobb salad with grilled chicken, or a fresh garden salad with a variety of dressings. Each salad is prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients to ensure a crisp and refreshing meal.

Wraps & Paninis

Our Wraps & Paninis offer a trendy and convenient lunch option that combines gourmet flavors with ease of eating. Options include grilled chicken Caesar wraps, veggie and hummus paninis, and spicy buffalo chicken wraps. These handheld delights are perfect for busy professionals who need a satisfying meal on the go.

Vegetarian & Vegan Options

We cater to all dietary preferences with our Vegetarian & Vegan Options. Dishes include hearty lentil salads, flavorful vegetable stir-fries, and creative vegan wraps. Each option is carefully crafted to be as satisfying and delicious as our traditional offerings, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a fulfilling meal.

Seasonal Soups

Our Seasonal Soups provide a comforting addition to any lunch menu. From hearty chicken noodle to creamy tomato basil, our soups are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. They are perfect for pairing with sandwiches or enjoying on their own, offering a warm and cozy meal option, especially during cooler months.

Afternoon Breaks

Savory Snack Options

Metro Catering’s Savory Snack Options provide the perfect balance to your afternoon. Choose from an array of flavorful snacks like spiced nuts, gourmet popcorn, and crispy vegetable chips. These options offer a satisfying crunch and are ideal for those who prefer savory treats over sweet ones. They keep the energy up and the mood positive, helping your team power through the rest of the day.

Sweet Treats

Indulge in our selection of Sweet Treats for an afternoon pick-me-up. We offer a variety of delicious desserts, including chocolate brownies, mini cheesecakes, and assorted cookies. These treats provide a sweet escape from the workday, adding a touch of indulgence that’s sure to delight everyone in the office.

Cheese & Crackers

Our Cheese & Crackers selection offers a sophisticated snack that pairs well with both work and relaxation. We provide an assortment of fine cheeses and artisan crackers, along with optional accompaniments like fig jam and honey. This option is perfect for casual meetings or as a refined snack for an afternoon break.

Fresh Vegetable Platters

For a refreshing and healthy snack, our Fresh Vegetable Platters are unbeatable. These platters feature a variety of crisp vegetables like baby carrots, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes, served with a selection of dips. They offer a nutritious and crunchy snack that’s perfect for those looking to maintain their healthy eating habits throughout the day.

Mini Sandwiches

Our Mini Sandwiches are the perfect bite-sized option for a quick and satisfying snack. These sandwiches come in a variety of flavors, including turkey and cranberry, ham and Swiss, and caprese with basil pesto. Each mini sandwich is crafted to provide a burst of flavor in every bite, making them a great option for a light afternoon meal.

Refreshing Beverages

No afternoon break is complete without Refreshing Beverages to quench your thirst. We offer a variety of options, including infused water, iced teas, and sparkling sodas. These drinks are designed to refresh and rejuvenate, providing a perfect complement to our snack offerings and helping keep your team hydrated and energized.

Dinner Selections

Plated Dinner Options

Metro Catering’s Plated Dinner Options offer an elegant dining experience, ideal for formal corporate events. Each plated dinner includes a choice of meticulously prepared entrées such as succulent beef tenderloin, herb-crusted chicken, or seared salmon. These are complemented by gourmet sides like roasted vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. This service provides a refined, sit-down meal that’s sure to impress your guests and create a memorable evening.

Family-Style Dinner Choices

For a more communal dining experience, our Family-Style Dinner Choices are perfect. We serve a variety of dishes in large platters that guests can share, fostering a sense of togetherness. Options include hearty lasagnas, flavorful stir-fries, and fresh salads. This approach combines the comfort of home-cooked meals with the convenience of professional catering, encouraging interaction and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Buffet Dinner Packages

Our Buffet Dinner Packages provide flexibility and variety, allowing guests to choose from an array of dishes at their leisure. Our buffets feature a range of options including carved meats, vegetarian pasta dishes, and a selection of salads and sides. This format is perfect for larger gatherings or events where you want to offer a wide variety of choices to accommodate different tastes.

Elegant Hors d’Oeuvres

Kick off your dinner with our Elegant Hors d’Oeuvres, perfect for cocktail receptions or as a prelude to the main meal. Choose from bite-sized delights like shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms, and artisanal bruschetta. These appetizers are not only visually appealing but also pack a punch of flavor, making them an excellent start to any evening event.

Signature Entrées

Our Signature Entrées feature standout dishes that highlight the quality and creativity of Metro Catering’s culinary team. Options include items like braised short ribs, lemon thyme chicken, and vegetarian stuffed peppers. Each dish is crafted with care, using the finest ingredients to ensure a delicious and memorable dining experience that reflects the excellence of our catering services.

Sides & Salads

Complement your dinner selections with our diverse range of Sides & Salads. From classic Caesar salads to roasted garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable medleys, these sides are designed to enhance the main dishes and provide a well-rounded meal. Each side is carefully prepared to maintain the balance of flavors and ensure a complete dining experience.

Specialty Menus

Gluten-Free Options

Metro Catering’s Gluten-Free Options ensure that guests with dietary restrictions can enjoy delicious meals without compromise. Our gluten-free menu includes dishes like quinoa salads, grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, and gluten-free pasta primavera. Each dish is prepared with care to avoid cross-contamination, providing safe and tasty choices for those with gluten sensitivities.

Dairy-Free Choices

For those who need or prefer to avoid dairy, our Dairy-Free Choices offer a variety of flavorful alternatives. Enjoy options such as dairy-free pesto pasta, coconut milk-based curries, and fresh fruit sorbets for dessert. These dishes are crafted to deliver the same satisfying flavors and textures as their dairy-containing counterparts, ensuring everyone can enjoy their meal.

Customizable Menus

Our Customizable Menus allow you to tailor the dining experience to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a fully vegan menu, a selection of low-carb dishes, or a fusion of different cuisines, Metro Catering can create a menu that fits your event perfectly. This flexibility ensures that your guests receive a meal that suits their tastes and dietary requirements.

Ethnic & International Dishes

Explore a world of flavors with our Ethnic & International Dishes. We offer a variety of globally inspired options, including Mediterranean mezze platters, Asian stir-fry stations, and Mexican taco bars. These dishes bring an international flair to your event, providing an exciting and diverse culinary experience that can cater to a wide range of tastes.

Seasonal Menus

Our Seasonal Menus highlight the best ingredients of each season, offering dishes that are fresh, flavorful, and timely. In the spring, enjoy asparagus and strawberry salads; in the fall, savor dishes featuring butternut squash and cranberries. These menus are designed to align with the season, providing a fresh and relevant dining experience that makes the most of what each time of year has to offer.

Event-Specific Menus

For unique events, our Event-Specific Menus provide tailored dining solutions. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, a summer barbecue, or a themed corporate gathering, Metro Catering can create a menu that fits the occasion. These menus are designed to enhance the theme and mood of your event, offering a cohesive dining experience that complements the overall atmosphere.


Classic Desserts

Metro Catering’s Classic Desserts offer timeless favorites that never fail to delight. Our selection includes options like rich chocolate mousse, creamy New York cheesecake, and traditional apple pie. These desserts are crafted to perfection, using high-quality ingredients to ensure that each bite is as satisfying as it is delicious. They provide a sweet ending to any meal, leaving your guests with a lasting impression of your event.

Artisan Pastries

Indulge in our Artisan Pastries, a selection of hand-crafted treats that elevate your dessert experience. Choose from delicate éclairs, flaky almond croissants, and buttery palmiers. Each pastry is made with meticulous attention to detail, combining traditional techniques with innovative flavors to create a memorable and luxurious dessert option.

Gourmet Cakes

Our Gourmet Cakes are perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying a slice of something extraordinary. We offer a range of cakes, from classic red velvet and decadent chocolate truffle to elegant lemon raspberry. Each cake is beautifully decorated and made with the finest ingredients, ensuring that it looks as good as it tastes.

Cookies & Brownies

For those who crave a more casual treat, our Cookies & Brownies are an excellent choice. Enjoy chewy chocolate chip cookies, rich fudge brownies, and oatmeal raisin cookies. These classic treats are perfect for an afternoon snack or as a comforting finish to your meal, offering familiar flavors that everyone loves.

Fruit-Based Desserts

Our Fruit-Based Desserts provide a lighter, yet equally satisfying, end to your meal. Options include fresh fruit tarts, berry parfaits, and citrus sorbets. These desserts highlight the natural sweetness and vibrant flavors of fresh fruits, offering a refreshing and healthy alternative to more indulgent options.

Beverage Pairings

Enhance your dessert experience with our Beverage Pairings. We offer a selection of drinks designed to complement your dessert choices, including dessert wines, coffee, and specialty teas. These pairings are carefully selected to enhance the flavors of your desserts, providing a cohesive and delightful finish to your dining experience.


Coffee & Tea Selections

Metro Catering offers a wide range of Coffee & Tea Selections to suit every preference. Our coffee options include rich espresso, smooth Americanos, and flavored lattes, all brewed to perfection. For tea lovers, we provide a variety of choices such as classic black, refreshing green, and soothing herbal teas. These beverages are ideal for any time of day, complementing our menu offerings and providing a comforting beverage option for your guests.

Soft Drinks & Juices

Our selection of Soft Drinks & Juices ensures that there’s something for everyone at your event. We offer an assortment of popular soft drinks, including sodas and sparkling water, as well as a variety of fruit juices such as orange, apple, and cranberry. These options are perfect for those who prefer non-caffeinated beverages, providing a refreshing choice to accompany their meal.

Craft Sodas

For a unique twist, our Craft Sodas provide a gourmet beverage option. These sodas come in flavors like root beer, ginger ale, and vanilla cream, offering a distinctive taste experience. They are made with natural ingredients and real cane sugar, making them a more sophisticated and flavorful alternative to traditional soft drinks.


Our Mocktails bring the sophistication of a cocktail without the alcohol, making them suitable for any occasion. Choose from options like virgin mojitos, sparkling berry lemonades, and tropical fruit punches. These drinks are crafted with fresh ingredients and creative flair, offering a festive and enjoyable beverage choice that’s perfect for corporate events.

Infused Water

For a hydrating and elegant option, our Infused Water selections are a great choice. We offer combinations like cucumber and mint, citrus and basil, and berry medleys. These infused waters are not only refreshing but also visually appealing, making them a stylish addition to your beverage table and a healthy alternative to sugary drinks.

Specialty Beverages

Our Specialty Beverages include a range of unique and artisanal options to delight your guests. This includes house-made lemonade, spiced chai, and seasonal drinks like hot apple cider or iced peppermint tea. These beverages are designed to offer something extra special, adding a touch of creativity and flavor to your event.


Why Choose Metro Catering?

When it comes to corporate catering in Boston, Metro Catering stands out with its exceptional range of offerings and commitment to quality. Our Boston catering menu covers every meal, from breakfast to dinner, ensuring that your business events are both memorable and satisfying. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your event, offering customizable and specialty menus that cater to all dietary preferences.

Comprehensive Menu for All Occasions

Metro Catering’s diverse menu options make us the ideal choice for any corporate gathering. Whether you need a quick breakfast for a morning meeting, an elegant plated dinner for a formal event, or a refreshing array of beverages and snacks, we have you covered. Our attention to detail and dedication to using the freshest ingredients ensure that every dish we serve is of the highest quality.

Exceptional Service and Convenience

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing seamless service, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the catering. We offer a variety of dining formats, from buffets and family-style dinners to plated meals and elegant hors d’oeuvres, ensuring that we can accommodate the unique needs of your event. With our convenient ordering and delivery services, you can trust Metro Catering to handle everything with professionalism and care.

Quality and Safety Assured

At Metro Catering, we prioritize the health and safety of our clients. All our staff are fully vaccinated and trained in the latest food safety protocols. We adhere to strict hygiene standards and offer individually wrapped options to ensure the utmost safety and peace of mind for you and your guests.

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Q: Can Metro Catering accommodate special dietary needs?

A: Absolutely! We offer a variety of options including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes to accommodate all dietary preferences.

Q: How far in advance should I place my catering order?

A: We recommend placing your order at least 72 hours in advance. This allows us to ensure availability and provide the best possible service.

Q: Can I customize the menu for my event?

A: Yes, Metro Catering offers customizable menus to fit your specific event needs. Whether you have particular dishes in mind or need to meet dietary requirements, we can tailor our offerings to your preferences.

Q: Does Metro Catering provide setup and cleanup services?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive catering services including setup and cleanup, allowing you to focus on your event without worrying about the details.

Q: What safety measures does Metro Catering implement for food handling?

A: We follow strict FDA guidelines for food safety and hygiene. All staff are fully vaccinated, and we offer individually wrapped options to ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness.

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