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lunch catering delivery near me

We all know that corporate meals can be quite a challenge to organize. After all, you have to take into account everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences, as well as any special requests for the menu. Not only that, but you also need to find a reliable lunch catering delivery service near you that can deliver everything on time and within budget. 

If this is something you are struggling with, then you need assistance from Metro Catering – Boston’s premier corporate lunch catering delivery service.

In this article, we will discuss why Metro Catering stands out from the rest and how the company can help make your next corporate event hassle-free.

Metro Catering: The Fast & Reliable Choice for Corporate Lunches

Metro Catering is a full-service catering company based in Boston that specializes in creating memorable events for all occasions. From intimate gatherings to large corporate events, our team of experienced chefs, planners, and service staff are dedicated to making your event a one-of-a-kind experience. 

We’ve been serving the Greater Boston area for years, and our goal is to provide our clients with a fast, reliable, and affordable lunch catering delivery service. We offer a wide variety of menu items to choose from, and our experienced staff is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch for your office or a catering package for your next event, we can help.

An All-In-One Solution for Your Catering Needs

At Metro Catering, we understand that providing your employees with a nutritious and delicious lunch is important to keep them happy and productive. That’s why we offer various catering services to fit the needs of any business.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time lunch delivery or a regular catering service, we’ve got you covered. We offer different made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and wraps, as well as hot and cold entrees, sides, and desserts. And our team is always happy to customize any order to meet your specific needs.

In addition to our great food, Metro Catering is also known for our fast and reliable delivery. We understand that time is often limited during the workday, so we guarantee that your order will arrive on time.

So if you’re looking for a corporate catering service that can provide delicious food and quick delivery, contact Metro Catering.

Why Metro Corporate Lunch Catering Delivery is the Way to Go

There are many reasons to choose Metro Catering for your corporate lunch catering needs. 

  • First, we take the hassle out of having to organize and plan your corporate catering needs. With Metro’s delivery service, you get a variety of options to choose from, so you can pick the perfect menu for your event.
  • Second, we offer convenient delivery services. You can have your meal delivered right to your office, so there’s no need to worry about having to run around town to pick up food or find a place to eat. Moreover, we are a fast and reliable catering company that can deliver to businesses in the Boston area.
  • Third, our delivery services are cost-effective. With competitive prices, you can get a great meal without breaking the bank.
  • Finally, Metro Catering offers quality. Our chefs craft meals with fresh ingredients and meticulous attention.

Therefore, with Metro corporate lunch catering delivery, you can be sure your guests will be satisfied.

How to Order from Metro Catering

If you are in need of catering services for your office, Metro Catering can provide you with the delicious food, drinks, and presentation you need. With an experienced catering staff and flexible menu options, Metro Catering can help you create the perfect menu for you. 

Here’s how to order from Metro Catering:

  1. You can conveniently place an order online, call us at 617-248-6886 x1 or email your order details to
  2. Choose your delivery date and time; we also offer same-day delivery.
  3. Select your menu items; we have everything from sandwiches and salads to hot entrees and sides.
  4. Sit back and relax – we’ll take care of the rest. We guarantee that your lunch will arrive fresh and on time.

Hence, Metro Catering is an experienced and dependable lunch catering delivery service that can make your employees and guests happy.

Lunchtime Luxury: Metro Catering’s Corporate Menu

At Metro Catering, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to corporate lunch catering. That’s why we offer a wide variety of delicious and healthy lunch options that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. We’ve unlimited yummy items, from sandwiches and wraps to salads and soups. And because we use only the freshest ingredients, you can be sure that your meal is both delicious and nutritious.

We offer an extensive selection of menu options, so you can find the perfect meal to fuel your team. And our prices are unbeatable. You won’t find a better deal on corporate lunch catering in Boston.

So if you’re looking for a top-notch corporate lunch catering delivery service near you in Boston, look no further than Metro Catering. We guarantee your satisfaction.


Metro Catering is a great option for those looking for fast and reliable corporate lunch catering delivery in Boston. Our tasty menus, easy delivery, and great prices guarantee that your next event or gathering will be a success. Whether it’s an office party, business meeting, or family gathering, Metro Catering has something to offer everyone.

So go ahead and give us a try – you won’t regret it.


This article was written in Boston, Massachusetts