Corporate Barbecue Catering – A Zesty Way to Serve Your Corporate Office

Corporate Barbecue Catering

Spring and summer are just around the corner. What if you could jazz up your regular offerings by ordering Corporate Barbecue Catering? While not totally unfamiliar for most, it’s definitely an unexpected offering at a corporate function.

Corporate Barbecue Catering for Office Tailgating And Picnics

While we can always expect to see the typical things when offering catering services, corporate offices are now offering their employees “family-friendly fun days” to network, socialize, and boost their employees’ morale. It allows you to get to know your employees on a more personal level, and they’ll, in turn, feel valued, which improves your corporate office culture. This concept piggybacks off our previous topic – (e.g., “How To Budget For Office Catering“). These can be a tailgate party at the local baseball park or a family fun day at the zoo. It is the perfect time for a good BBQ.

The Benefits Of Corporate Barbecue Catering

  • Corporate Overachiever: Metro Catering offers many options for your corporate office catering needs. Ask us about providing Corporate Barbecue Catering at your next function, and you’ll impress the CFO and your entry-level employees alike. Everyone will ask if there are seconds!
  • Social Events: To ensure corporate success- most companies offer the opportunity to social network with other companies, clients, and colleagues. As mentioned above, Office culture is now incorporating a more down-home feel when it comes to socializing and the types of events they offer. What better way to be the talk of your corporate social circles than to offer Corporate Barbecue Catering?
  • Corporate barbecue catering is not just for the weekends: Well, it’s customary to expect to see barbecue for events like the ones we’ve mentioned. It’s also a very unique option when it comes to formal events. Try barbecue at your next formal event instead of offering your regular hor d’ouevers, crudités, or small plates. It’s a fantastic method to elevate any professional occasion.


Offering Corporate Barbecue Catering is the latest and fun way to boost your bottom line! It’s entirely versatile and improves the overall office image. Your clients won’t know what to expect after you’ve served barbecue at your next event.

If you are interested in having Metro Catering cater your next barbecue corporate event, please feel free to contact us with any questions at 617-248-6886 ext. 1.


This article was written in Boston, Massachusetts